BRAZZERS, the porn industry’s leading premium adult entertainment brand,
 are celebrating Mother’s Day this year with a special scene that was created with the insight from real moms. 
They handpicked a group of six Milfs to discuss about sex and porn along with legendary adult performer, Julia Ann.
With Julia Ann leading the open and honest discussion,
 BRAZZERS learnt a lot about what makes moms wet and what a porn scene made for moms would be like.

The results is a scene titled ‘Night Caps’,
 starring Julia Ann and Chanel Preston.
In this scene, Chanel Preston plays a single and sexually adventurous judge who coaches her attorney friend,
 Julia Ann, to do as her husband requested and sleep with another man to get herself out of the frustrations of a sex life that’s pretty dead.
As the fancy soiree that they are attending winds down,
 the two MILFs find two bartenders that are ready to worship them before they pair off and have their own parties.


About Night caps

‘Night Caps’ is a unique production in the BRAZZERS collection,
 it incorporates feedback received from real moms who participated in the Mother’s Day discussion.
The conversation was full of interesting stories about the sex lives and porn preferences of real moms,
 and their comments led to important insights into the minds of moms and porn.


BRAZZERS Marketing Director, Gary Ticher explains what motivated the company’s Mother’s Day initiative:

“Moms, also known as MILFs, have always been a cornerstone of the BRAZZERS brand since its release,
 which is why we wanted to honour moms this Mother’s Day with a scene specifically for them.
Not only have they done so much for us as individuals,
 but we wouldn’t be a vanguard of our industry if it weren’t for moms.”

Ticher also praises the mothers that participated in this special Mother’s Day project.
 “They were so frank and honest.
 If they had not been so comfortable discussing this kind of subject matter,
 we may have never learned about how moms feel about multiple partners and how much they value attentiveness in a partner.
 We are so grateful for the moms that participated and we’re excited for them to see what we were able to create out of their feedback.”

‘Night Caps’ will be available this mothers day on brazzers.  May 13, 2018.

The secret everybody is trying to unlock - How to live longer lives!

But for men at least science has found the key.

Over in Great Briton, woman are expected to live a little longer than guys - but don't worry here is a little help.

Woman generally gain 3 years on their life expectancy over men with a average of 82.
And 79 years for the average man.

The reason for this is simply genetics, well not exactly that simple but we will keep it as simple as we can. 
So according to Medical Daily. guys only have one sex-determining chromosome (designated XY) where as Women have two sex-determining chromosomes (designated XX)
This provides woman with a backup if any mutation occurs. Unfortunatly, men do not have that luxury.

But don't worry yet, As lifestyle factors will also impact how long you will live.

1. Look at plenty of tities

It may seem like an inconvenience or an invasion of privacy to many women, but staring at boobs creates a positive mindset in men.
It may seem a little strange to woman, but for a guy staring at titties can create a positive mindset.

The same effect can occur when they look at cute animals.

In a study published in 2012, in the archives of internal medicine,
Scientists looked at the effects of positive thinking, and what effect that had on a mans health 

After a year, positive thinking had a powerful effect on health choices.

The greater part of the patients with coronary artery disease increased their physical action versus 37 percent in the control group, 
who were not requested to record positive thoughts early in the day. 

The same happened to men with hypertension. 

In excess of 40 percent of those with hypertension followed their medication plan.
Compared with 36 percent in the non-positive-thinking group.

2. Having plenty Of Sex

What each man loves to hear, yet there is a great reason behind it. 

An investigation in the BMJ found that sex could decrease a man's mortality rate by as much as 50 percent. 

It is all down to sex advancing physical well being, and in addition being a stress reliever,
which can help reduce the likeliness of disease. 

Also sex discharges serotonin, the cheerful hormone, which can make us feel happier overall.

Life expectancy, in this study, was increased by 3 to 8 years.
And that can bring a mans life expectancy up to 82 (the same as a woman's) or even push it to 87!