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Q, how much does it cost to join vidz1?

A, Nothing, and we have no plans to start charging!

Q, How is vidz1 free?

A, We gain a small revenue from advertisements, Although ads can be annoying we have now taken out popups to give you the best experience while still covering the cost of the servers.

Q, Why should i use vidz1 over all the other free video sites?

A, Well we have several reasons: 1, we do not use popups, 2, we have ssl so all your data is secure, 3, All of our content is 100% legal 4, we regally add new content

5, we will never share or sell your information! your privacy is as important to us as our own!

Q, Can i upload content?

A, Yes, but we check all user submitted content to ensure you have the rights to share.

Q, i have a question not listed here how can i get help?

A, You can 1, post in the help forum 2, email admin at yourxnxx.com 3, post a message via our Feedback page (All messages via email and feedback page are strictly confidential if for any reason you have a sensitive issue)