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Posted 31 Mar 2018 - 12:44 PM #1
We are looking for adult site owners to upload thier videos!

If you own a adult tube and have access to high quality content then read on!

You can upload your content to and you can add your banner or refferal banner to your uploaded content!

What we expect from you!
High quality content
unique descriptions and titles
No duplicated content
Own the video or rights to share

In return you can upload as much content that you own or have the rights to share and have you banner included below every video you upload!


How to get started?
Create a account then use the contact us form (contat us) and we will upgrade your account 

Do you charge?
No we get great content you get free advertising so its a perfect trade for both of us

Do you require a receptical link?
Not at all, but if you want to link to us then we will be greatful

How many videos can i upload?
We have no limit as long as the content is not already on our site