Sofia Rose was a "big" winner at last Saturday’s 2018 Inked Awards in Edison, New Jersey, earning a couple of trophies for ‘BBW of the Year’ and ‘Best Model Website’ (

The adult cam star, performer and glamour model has won the ‘BBW of the Year’ award for two years running, proudly representing both the BBW and tattoo communities in a highly-competitive race for excellence among a talented group of her peers.

“I am so very happy and excited to win Best Model Website and BBW of the Year Inked Awards – and I’m also happy to be recognized for my efforts as both a performer and content creator,” said Rose. “I don’t for a second take for granted what a great group of people that I get to work with – and work for – as well as the fans that make my job so amazing. This has nothing to do with my size and everything to do with my work. I’ve worked really hard and I am incredibly appreciative of the recognition.”

“A very big THANK YOU to Inked Angels for these awards, and to everyone that gives their heart and soul to this unique and beloved industry, and those that continue to support us.”


It is the secret we are all trying to open, how to live longer and happier lives.

Science has now found the key to success, for guys, anyway.

In the United Kingdom, guys in general are not expected to live as long as women, so maybe they need a little bit more help.

The average life expectancy for a man is 79, where women are expected to live to 82.

The reason for women outliving men is genetics, according to medical daily Women have two X chromosomes, which provides them with a backup if a mutation occurs. However, men do not have that luxury, they only have one X chromosome to express all their genes.

Lifestyle factors can also impact how long a person will live.

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1. Stare at boobs

It may seem like an inconvenience or an invasion of privacy to many women, but staring at boobs creates a positive mindset in men.

The same effect occurs when they look at cute animals.

A 2012 study, published by the archives of internal medicine, looked at the effects positive thinking had on guy’s health.

A year later, positive thinking had a powerful effect on health choices.

More than half of the patients with coronary artery disease increased their physical activity versus 37 percent in the control group, who were not asked to write down positive thoughts in the morning.

The same happened to men with high blood pressure.

More than 40 percent of those with high blood pressure followed their medication plan compared to 36 percent in the non-positive-thinking group.

2. Have Lots Of Sex

What every man wants to hear, but there is a good reason for it.

 A study in the BMJ found that sex could decrease a man’s mortality rate by as much as 50 percent.

It is all down to sex promoting physical well-being, as well as being a stress reliever, which can help reduce the likeliness of illness.

Not to mention sex releases serotonin, the happy hormone, which makes us feel better overall.

In the study, life expectancy increased by three to eight years in the group who reported more orgasms.

Ella has announced her retirement on twitter

She wrote:

"After a lot of thought and deliberation i have fianlly decided to leave the adult industry.

I have had an amazing time and meet some amazing people who i will treasure forever,

but for me and my family this is the right decision.

I thank you for all your support over this last year!"


Well we at vidz1 would like to wish ella and her family well

Also would like to thank her for all the work she has contributed to the adult industry!

Good luck Ella jolee